AI Lab

Fintech AI innovation powered by Hedgeable


Welcome to the AI Lab of Hedgeable. In our lab we research and develop cutting edge artificial intelligence fintech products. Drop us a line if you want to collaborate.

Our Current Projects

1. Chatbots

Support bots answer client account questions programmatically using NLP.

2. Machine Learning

Automated investment algorithms that learn and get smarter over time.

3. Data Science

Customizing and optimizing client experience based on behavioral patterns.

4. Data Visualizations

Synthesizing complex financial data into visual and interactive D3.js displays.

5. NLP

Sitewide search and textual site signup using Natural Language Processing.

6. Speech Recognition

Intelligent personal assistant utilizing voice command technology.


Are you a top technologist with experience in AI, chatbots, NLP, data science, or machine learning? If so, shoot us your resume with the subject line "AI Lab Candidate" to jobs[at]hedgeable[dot]com

Contact Us

Are you a US or international financial institution, tech company, bank, fintech, or other interested party and want to collaborate?


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